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Management Concept
Corporate Information
Corporate name
Location of head office
Okumura Machinery Corporation
3-5-26 Himejima, Nishi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
March 3, 1953
100 million yen

Directors and Corporate auditors
  President and representative director
  Corporate auditor
  Corporate auditor

Kazumasa Hirono
Hiroki Kato
Hiroaki Muranaka
Akira Iwai
Hiroyasu Inaba
Zenzo Suehiro
Kiyoshi Matsumoto
Takeo Tsukada
Shunsuke Okuda
Koji Yasuda
Shinpei Matsuda
Masaya Tamade
Kenji Maejima

Executive officers
  Senior Managing Executive officer*
  Executive officer*
  Executive officer*
  Executive officer*
  Executive officer*

Hiroki Kato
Akira Iwai
Hiroyasu Inaba
Zenzo Suehiro
Shinpei Matsuda

Note: Officers with asterisk marks double as directors.
  Organization and Number of employees
  Business Items
1. The designing, production, sale, modification, and installation of a variety of machines and instruments for construction work and other applications
2. Production and installation of steel frames and iron beams
3. Leasing of machines and instruments
4. Nonlife insurance agency
5. Insurance agency based on Automobile Liability Security Law
6. Business concerning life insurance sales
7. Business that accompany or relates to the above-mentioned item
  Permission and Authorization
Permission for specific construction business

Permission from Osaka Prefectural Governor(Special-28) No. 16554
(Steel structure work and machinery installation)

Permission for crane production   Main plant (Prefectural permission 65-1 and others)
Permission for crane production  

Sagamihara plant (Prefectural permission KU 753 and others)

Permission for lift production for construction use   Main plant (Prefectural permission 2-1-(1) and others)
Permission for gondola production   Main plant (Prefectural permission (GO) 19-1)
Authorization for sewer component production   Sagamihara plant (Japan Sewage Works Association's authorizationNo. 51401)
Term ended in March 2020   5,569 million yen
Term ended in March 2021   5,117 million yen
Term ended in March 2022   5,282 million yen
Term ended in March 2023   5,946 million yen
Term ended in March 2024   6,262 million yen

  Corporate Activity Norms
1.Observance of laws and regulations

Strictly abiding by all laws and regulations and practicing corporate activities with good social sense.
2.Arrangements for social needs

Aiming at making improvements in productivity and providing high-quality products with the promotion of rationalization and technical development in response to social demand.
3.Promotion of fair competition

Implementing fair and free competition while maintaining healthy and transparent relations with politics and the administration of government.
4.Arrangements for the environment

Positively taking environmental maintenance and restoration for the creation of a better environment.

Striving for the construction and maintenance of good relations with local communities and contributing to the formation of a truly affluent society.
6.Respect of humandignity

Maintaining a safe and worth working environment and promoting a corporate culture that attaches importance to individuality and creativity.
7.Blocking relations with antisocial forces

Blocking all relations with antisocial forces and syndicates that threaten social order and security.
8.Contribution to International Society

Striving for contribution to the development of each international region by not only abiding by the local laws and regulations of the region but also respecting the culture and custom of the region.
9.Top Management People's Roles

The top management people of Okumura Machinery Corporation recognize that it is their role to materialize the corporate activity norms specified herein, and positively show good examples and aim at the thoroughness of corporate ethics. If a situation contradicting to the norms should occur, the top management people will make efforts toward the solution of the problem, strive for troubleshooting, and prevent the recurrence of the problem. At the same time, the top management people will quickly provide exact information for the problem and solution.
  List of Domestic and Overseas Offices
Head office and plant
3-5-26 Himejima, Nishi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi 555-0033
Tel:81-6-6472-3461  Fax:81-6-6477-6801
Sagamihara Plant
8-20-80 Seishin, Chuo-ku Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken 252-0216
Tel:81-42-774-2451  Fax:81-42-773-0231
Tokyo office
4F JRE Ohmorieki-higashiguchi Building
1-5-1 Ohmori-Kita, Ohta-ku, Tokyo-to 143-0016
Tel:81-3-5767-5866  Fax:81-3-5767-5867